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"Airborne radar sounder for temperate ice: initial results from Patagonia"

Zamora R., D. Ulloa, G. García, R. Mella, J. Uribe, J. Wendt, A. Rivera, G. Gacitúa & G. Casassa. (2009) : «Airborne radar sounder for temperate ice: initial results from Patagonia» Journal of Glaciology, 55 (191), 507-512.

Resumen / Abstract.

We describe the development of a low-frequency airborne radar specifically designed forthe sounding of temperate ice. The system operates at a central frequency of 1 MHz and consists of animpulse transmitter with an output volt age up to 5000 V and a digital receiver with a maximum gain of 80 dB. The radar was deployed on board a CASA 212 aircraft, which also carries a laser altimeter, aninertial navigation system, a digital camera and a GPS receiver. A description of the radar system isprovided, as well as preliminary results obtained at Glaciar Tyndall, Campo de Hielo Sur (SouthernPatagonia Icefield), where an ice depth of 670 m was reached.