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“Priority statement and some properties of t-lgHill estimator”

Stehlík, M., Kiseľák, J., Vaičiulis, M., Jordanova, O. Nuñez, L., Fabian Z., Hermann, P., Stfelec, L., Rivera, A., Girard, S. & S. Torres (2020): “Priority statement and some properties of t-lgHill estimator”. Extremes

Resumen / Abstract.

We acknowledge the priority on the introduction of the formula of t-lgHill estimator for the positive extreme value index.We provide a novel motivation for this estimator based on ecologically driven dynamical systems. Another motivation is given directly by applying the general t-Hill procedure to log-gamma distribution. We illustrate the good quality of t-lgHill estimator in comparison to classical Hill estimator on the novel data of the concentration of arsenic in drinking water in the rural area of the Arica and Parinacota Region, Chile.