Glaciares de Chile


"Chilean glaciers as indicators of climate change"

Rivera, A., F. Bown, C. Acuña, F. Ordenes (2008) : «Chilean glaciers as indicators of climate change» Terra Glacialis, 11, 193-207.

Resumen / Abstract.

This work presents a summary of Chile’s present glacial environment and its most significant recent variations. Though the behaviour of some glaciers may be driven by non-climatic factors, the majority of them experienced a linear shrinkage and a generalized thinning as a result of both an increase of temperatures and a lower precipitations regime, as recorded by several meteo stations. The reduction of the area covered by glaciers has affected water availability in Chile’s North-Central region, where 70% of river-flows originates from snow and ice melting, particularly in the driest summers. The continuation of the present trend is bound to produce a dramatic reduction of ice throughout the whole Country, the disappearance of Central Chile’s small glaciers and significantly increase the contribution of Patagonian glaciers to the global sea-level rise.