Glaciares de Chile


"Mediciones de espesor en glaciares de Chile centro-sur"

Rivera, A., Casassa. G., Acuña. C (2001) : «Mediciones de espesor en glaciares de Chile centro-sur» Revista Investigaciones Geográficas, 35: 67-100.

Resumen / Abstract.

The results of ice thickness measurements carried out in Chile (30-41°C) during recent years are presented. The information was obteined by means of radar in five glaciers. In all of therm, the radar signals were slightly attenuated allowing penetration of the ice to the bedrock. This means that the presence of supra, intra and subglacial meltwater did not affect the signals significantly. The system was tested on bare ice as well as debris covered ice. For debris covered ice areas, the signals were much more noisy than on bare ice, but they were able to penetrate the ice to the bedrock, obtaining a maximum thickness of 230 m in the ablation area of Juncal Norte glacier.