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"An integrated bathymetric and seismic profiling system"

Oberreuter J.; Pulgar S. and Rivera A. (2017) : «An integrated bathymetric and seismic profiling system» First international symposium on geoscience and remote sensing (GRSS-CHILE), DOI: 10.1109/GRSS-CHILE.2017.7996020.

Resumen / Abstract.

We developed a system that integrates bathymetric and seismic measurements. The system consists of an active transducer, hydrophone streamer and an electronic unit. The source waves travel through water, they reach the water/sediment interface, one part is reflected back to the surface and the other penetrates the internal layers, this phenomenon continues until the acoustic energy dissipates completely. The system has been constantly improved since 2013: we changed feeding from alternate current to direct current, improved the software and made hardware safer to deploy. The integrated system proved to be suitable for surveying water column depth as well as sediment structure, no matter if it’s marine or lacustrine. It has a depth range of 800m and is able to penetrate up to 200 m of sediments.