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"Melting snow and ice: a call for action"

Koç N., Njåstad B., Armstrong R., Corell R.W., Jensen D.D., Leslie K.R., Rivera A., Tandong Y. & Winther J-G. (ed) (2009) : » Melting snow and ice: a call for action» Centre for Ice, Climate and Ecosystems, Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromso, Norway, 51 pp.

Resumen / Abstract.

In this document we provide a brief overview of the response of snow and ice to a warming climate. Significant changes in sea ice cover, snow cover, lake and river ice cover, permafrost temperatures, glacier and ice sheet mass have been observed over the last decades. It appears that the changes are occurring at an accelerating pace. The global implications ofthese changes are potentially severe: • Reduction of ice, snow and permafrost contributes to a continued and accelerated global warming through various feedback processes. • The loss of mass from glaciers worldwide, and the Greenland and Antarctic icesheets in particular, will lead to significant sea level rise within this century and beyond. Although there are still uncertainties as to how much and how fast changes to snow and ice will occur in the years to come, it should be noted that all projections point towards a reduction of snow and ice. Also, very abrupt climate changes have occurred in the past and cannot be ruled out in the future.