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"Radio-Echo Sounding at Tyndall Glacier, Patagonia"

Casassa, G. & Rivera, A. (1998) : «Radio-Echo Sounding at Tyndall Glacier, Patagonia» Anales Instituto Patagonia, Serie Cs. Nat., 26:129-135.

Resumen / Abstract.

Radar data collected in 1993 with a portable digital system at Tyndall Glacier, Southern Patagonia Icefield are analyzed. Point measurements were carried out along a transverse profile on the ablation area of the glacier, which is 8 km wide in this section. Clear bottom returns were received on the glacier to a point about 2.9 km form the margin. No return could be received beyond that point. Ice thicknesses range from 70 m to 569 m, increasing nearparabolically. The data are in the lower range of ice thicknesses collected with an analog radar sistem using the same transmitter in 1990. The inability of the radar to penetrate deeper ice is probably due to absorption and scattering produced by water bodies within the ice.